Our Approach

With Dr. Laura Sprague, you always receive the utmost care because her company has such a personal touch. Dr. Sprague and her team treat each patient one-on-one and each patient truly is special. Plus, Dr. Sprague always gives you the best option for your teeth and your budget. All of these reasons are why Dr. Sprague comes so highly recommended from her patients.

Our Story

Dr. Sprague has always been passionate about dentistry. She graduated from Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry (UOP) in San Francisco, CA with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1996. She first started practicing in Orange County in 1997 as an associate, then went on to open her own practice in her current offices in 2001.

Our Offices

When you come to see Dr. Laura Sprague, whether it's for a general cleaning or cosmetic surgery, you will come happy and leave gleaming.

Because of her off-the-chart service and personality, she is one-of-a-kind but her offices also make you feel comfortable and right at home.

Part of Dr. Sprague's team is her wonderful assistant of 12 years, Sue. Sue is incredibly versatile and assists with exams, cleanings and office management. She deals with office support and emotional support at the chair as a chair side assistant!

Because of their small staff, everything is personalized to you making each meeting special and filled with familiar faces when you come in the door.

Dr. Sprague's offices are also wheelchair accessible and she is willing to help patients that can’t make it into the chair.


The Chair

Comfortable and Accomodating

Dr. Sprague will always make sure her patient is completely comfortable before beginning. All services will be taken at the pace of the patient.


Dental Tools

Sterile and top-of-the-line equipment

Although dental tools can be daunting, Dr. Sprague always offers a gentle cleaning even for those with phobias.


Cleaning Equipment

Giving the best clean every time

Cleaning and polishing your teeth will be a breeze when you come into Dr. Sprague's office thanks to her top equipment and expertise.

Next Steps...

Ready to schedule your first appointment? Schedule with us today via email or phone call. Dr. Laura Sprague is located in Laguna Niguel and open for business Monday (9-5), Tuesday (10-6), Thursday (9:30-5) and Friday (9-5).