Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Laura Sprague's cosmetic performance is off the charts. Dr. Sprague truly changes peoples lives by changing their smiles. From clear aligners/orthodontics, porcelain veneers, implants, teeth whitening and bonding, Dr. Sprague offers whatever you need.

General Cleaning

With Dr. Laura Sprague, you can always count on a gentle cleaning at your pace. Dr. Sprague is trusted and recommended by many Orange County families and has been since 1997. She offers everything from general cleanings to polishing in a regular exam.


Dr. Laura Sprague is well-known for her gentleness with patients, especially during tedious examinations. Besides general cleaning examinations, Dr. Sprague offers X-Ray exams, cavity checks, fillings, crowns and other exams.


Always working towards your best smile

Whether you're looking for a general cleaning, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening or emergency dentistry, Dr. Sprague is your go-to dental surgeon in Orange County.

Well-known gentleness and service

Dr. Laura Sprague is well-known in the Orange County community for her gentleness and ease of work. From children to those with phobias, Dr. Sprague always offers the best service guaranteed every time.


Serving Orange County families since 1997

Dr. Laura Sprague comes highly recommended from her patients and serves many families from the parents to children. Dr. Sprague works especially well with children and offers general cleaning, fillings, sealants for prevention of cavities, chipped teeth and bonding for fractured teeth.

Next Steps...

Ready to schedule your first appointment? Schedule with us today via email or phone call. Dr. Laura Sprague is located in Laguna Niguel and open for business Monday (9-5), Tuesday (10-6), Thursday (9:30-5) and Friday (9-5).